Bulks products in Almuñécar


At “Sal Y Pimienta” we are committed to stocking a wide variety of loose produce. These products best represent who we are and what we believe in, by reducing plastic waste, encouraging responsible consumption and therefore being kinder to the planet.  
Among our loose products you can find: rice, flour, cereals, mueslis, pulses, pastas, grain cereals, salts, sugars, dehydrated fruits, seeds, nuts, mushrooms and much more besides. In addition to these you will find a variety of ecological cleaning and personal hygiene products.  

Sal Y Pimienta A Granel chocolates artesanos

Come and treat yourself to one of our freshly ground coffee varieties, teas or fruit infusions. Within this section of the shop you will also find filters, teapots, cups and beautiful cans, all of which make the perfect gift for any occasion.  
We also stock a wide range of packaged products including: jams, honey, syrups, sauces, Asian products, vegan pates, eggs, olives, vegetable drinks, juices and vegetable oils. Not to mention our sweet corner where you will find a selection of cookies, biscuits, chocolates and vegan sweets.

Of course, due to our location and in recognition of one of the most popular and delicious products of our nation, we offer a selection of EVOO olive oils.  
You will also find a selection of local wines and beers, including sulphite free and organic wines.  
Last but not least, don’t miss out our small but perfect selection of soaps, organic essential oils and natural cosmetics.  
For more information please request our catalogue. Prices are available upon consultation and are market dependent.  

Here at “Sal Y Pimienta” we are committed to high quality trade. Don’t hesitate to visit us and experience it for yourselves.