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Sal Y Pimienta A Granel recipientes con grános y espirales


“Sal Y Pimienta” is a charming shop which has been open on Calle Larache since June 2020. It is the culmination of a dream that, with the support and help of many wonderful people, has finally come true. It is a business with a strong sense of its own identity and purpose: a place of positive energy, quality products and a commitment to close attention to detail and customer service. We pride ourselves on being a flexible business that improves day by day and on creating a space in which our customers feel comfortable, well looked after and able, through the variety, aromas, tastes and colours of our products, to travel to other parts of the world. In short, our goal is to make shopping at “Sal Y Pimienta” an experience.  
One of our most defining characteristics, and one that we take a great deal of pride in, is our suppliers. The vast majority are domestic producers and many of them are local, which enables us to improve the prices we offer you, guarantee quality, support local commerce and promote local employment. Moreover, whilst we are contributing so positively to our local environment we are also caring for and benefiting the environment as a whole!  



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If you prefer local commerce with friendly and close attention, then come and meet us.